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Penguins | DisneyNature Film

Ronin Operator, making of Camera Operator, Timelapse Operator, Team Leader.

This is an ongoing Production. Cinema Release on Earth Day 2019.


I spent 2 polar summer seasons from 2015 to 2017 in Cape Crozier, Antarctica for the next DisneyNature Film.

We were a team of two and we were self-sufficient. We were travelling 40 minutes each day to get to our location.

We had our own Scott tent to sleep in and had a communal tent to keep the equipment and do the daily chores.

Seven Worlds (Working Title) | BBC 1

Making of Camera Operator, Timelapse Operator, Additional Camera Operator, Focus Puller

In 2017, I have worked on 3 programmes (Antarctica, Africa, Asia). This is an ongoing Production. Due to come out in 2019 on BBC 1.

In Asia, I worked as a making of Camera Operator and Timelapse Operator

In Africa, I worked as a making of Camera Operator and Additional Camera Operator. We lived in tent in the middle of the jungle.

In Antarctica, I worked as a Focus Puller. We lived on a boat.

Wild Alaska Live | BBC 1 | PBS (Nominated for a Bafta in the "Live Event" category)

Live Camera Operator, Underwater GoPro & Camera Trap operator, Rough cut editor

I worked for 3 weeks in June and July 2017 for the VTR recordings on bears and salmon fishing. We lived on boats for the duration of the shoots. I was mainly in charge of underwater GoPro and making of filming.

I worked for 2 weeks in Katmai National Park with a team of 12 people during the Live shows. I was a camera operator for the 3 live shows. For the VTR I was rough editing and doing some additional long lens work, camera trap and GoPro work.

We camped in the middle of the National Park and were self-sufficient. I was sharing a tent with my colleague Nia Roberts. 

Gorilla Family & Me | BBC 2

Additional Photography

During the summer of 2015, I worked in Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo for "Gorilla Family & Me". I spent the entire time filming alone an unhabituated family of Grauer's Gorillas with a group of trackers.

We camped the entire time in the National Park itself.

For this project, I attended an Hostile Environment Awareness Training course (HEFAT)

Avond Riding Centre | Triodos Bank Promo

Director of Photography

I filmed the entire promo in one day at the Avon Riding Centre just outside Bristol for Triodos Bank and Verity White was the producer.

Avon Riding Centre is a leading charity dedicated to the provision of riding tuition and therapy to adults and children with all kinds of disability. 

A Cook Abroad - Monica Galetti - France | BBC 2

Additional Photography - Timelapse Operator

In June 2015, we went in the Jura with Monica Galetti for the recording of her episode about French cooking.

I did some additional Photography during the fair and I was in charge of Sunset and Sunrise Timelapses. 

Secrets of Bones | BBC 4 | Panda Award for Best Presenter Led Programme in 2014

Additional Photography

From October to December 2013, we travelled in the UK, Ireland and France to film 6 episodes of "Secrets of Bones".

I was mainly doing additional camera work and photography.

The team good spirit and hard work had ultimate honour to win the Panda Award for Best Presenter Led Programme in 2014.

Rolex Presents: COMEX - Henri-Germain Delauze | National Geographic

Additional Photography

Filmed in Marseille in May 2013, we met Henri-Germain Delauze, the founder of Comex and the leading pioneer in the field of deep, industrial saturation diving.

Promotional video for Rolex and National Geographic. Two leading partners for exploration.

Rolex Presents: COMEX - Ghislain Bardout | National Geographic

Additional Photography

Filmed in Brittany in April 2013, we met Ghislain Bardout, the founder of Team Deepsea Under the Pole by Rolex who set off on an expedition that took them to the North Pole and lowered them through a metre of ice into freezing water and under the polar ice cap.

Promotional video for Rolex and National Geographic. Two leading partners for exploration.

The Queen of Savannah - African Honey Bees | BBC 2 | Natural World

Thermal Camera Operator, Remote Camera Operator

In May 2011, I filmed Elephants at night with a Thermal Camera for the Natural World produced by Verity White.

We ran into a few challenges but after making the right decisions we were able to capture elephants' behaviour near bee hives.

We were a team of two based in North Kenya and we were camping on a farmer's field.

A Year in the Wild | BBC 2

Camera Assistant

In 2011, I worked on all three programmes (Cairngorms, The New Forest, Snowdonia) and assisted John Brown, Ted Giffords and James Aldred.

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