Rosie Gloyns – Producer, BBC NHU (Line Manager)

Julie combines great technical knowledge with a creative eye and an amazing work ethic. She is a huge asset to any team and always goes above and beyond to make the shoot a success. Her enthusiasm for the natural world and resislience ensure she can perform at a high level even with few creature comforts. 


Julie managed a huge mini cam set up for me on a remote shoot for Bafta nominated Alaska live. We were filming in very close proximity to wild Grizzly bears and their cubs whilst they fished for Salmon. Mini cameras needed to be positioned when the opportunity allowed and meticulously monitored to keep them running while the bears fished around them. We were based on a boat just off shore and were filming for daylight hours then offloading in the evening. Julie was thorough, positive and a great asset to the team throughout.


Aaron Paul – Series Producer, BBC NHU (Line Manager)

‘Julie is highly experienced and an absolute joy to work with. She is conscientious and creative in equal measure with a fantastic understanding of technology. She will literally stop at nothing to ensure the job is done to the best possible standard and everyone is happy. I worked with her on an incredibly compressed and relentless schedule, with difficult shooting conditions and long days. During the entire production period, she never once broke away from being both affable and highly capable. A real talent, who I would hire any day at the drop of a hat.’ 

David Marks – Producer, BBC NHU (Line Manager)

‘I worked with Julie on Great Bear Stakeout (BBC1) at Brooks Falls, Alaska in 2012. It was a tough shoot in terms of logistics, working conditions and local politics but she proved herself to be a highly valued member of the team. She adapted to all scenarios and tasks, was highly motivated and showed maturity and initiative at all times. She has a strong visual sensibility combined with great technical knowledge. I would love to work with Julie again and would recommend her to any production.’ 

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Julie Monière
 Camerawoman and Photographer
Wildlife and People