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My Bio
My Bio

My expertise lies in combining thinking creatively to tell a story together with my skills as a camerawoman to produce a well-crafted and executed film.


With 20 years’ experience working on remote locations and extreme cold environments.


Field Director and Camerawoman on award-winning series and films including BBC Seven Worlds, One Planet and DisneyNature Penguin and Polar Bear.


Experienced managing logistics and crew, camera equipment, writing and directing wildlife and people story sequences.


“Julie played a crucial role for Disneynature Polar Bear. On our remote shoots she supported out complex digital needs with great efficiency. She also shot some very strong making of content. Julie is a great team player and very self motivated”.

                                                                Alastair Fothergill | Silverback 

“Julie was a fantastic asset for our 2021 trip out in Gabon where she was across a range of equipment, including long lens, movi and macro set ups. She consistently explored new and creative ideas on location (both cinematic and editorial), and was a brilliant team player”.

                                                                                  Hugh Wilson  | BBC                                                           


"Working with Julie is a pleasure from start to finish. She has a fantastic eye and her Nat Hist shooting is beautiful, thoughtful and charged with emotion. Julie also makes powerful human connections which allows her to draw the best out of people when filming actuality and interviews. I value Julie’s editorial expertise enormously - her ideas and suggestions transform good sequences into great moments."

Susanna Handslip | Offspring Films


My Showreel
My Work
My Work

My Work
Our Universe - Ep2 -The Cosmic Clock

BBC / Netflix - due in 2023

2021, I spent 5 weeks in Loango National Park filming chimps, working with a team of trackers and scientists in the field. Alongside another DOP, we shared combination of long lens, gimbal, and macro set ups, throughout the expedition. For the most part I was working independently capturing a range of elements for the film, including 50% of the main camera days out in the forest. 


In addition to the camerawork, as a native French speaker, I was also helping to manage logistics on the ground, especially as the producer was not on location for the whole trip. In his absence, I took over the field directing and oversaw the shooting list to make sure we got everything we needed for the film. I then helped manage the return trip home from Loango to Libreville, and then on to the UK. 


Main equipment: Red Camera Gemini + Komodo – Canon 50-1000mm lens – Fujinon 85-300mm lens – Prime lenses 

poster vercors.png
Réalise Tes Rêves


From 2019 to 2021, I directed and produced a social documentary about unemployed people trying to re-enter working life. I wanted to give those people a chance to tell their story. For 2 years, I followed 5 women and men through their path.


For this film, I came up with the idea, I directed and conducted ITW’s. In some cases, I was also in charge of the second camera, the timelapse work and the sound.

For the post-production, I logged all the rushes and I created the rough cut.


The film is still in the last stage of post-production. Due in May 2022.


Main equipment: Sony A7S III – GoPro’s – Mavic Pro 2 – Ronin - Sound Kit

Letter to Baikal - Ushuaia TV


In 2019, I decided to cross by foot lake Baïkal alone and unattended. I organized the logistic for the expedition.

I decided to make a film about my expedition. A cameraman came aboard and recorded my crossing for 20 days. For this to happen, I organized for him to get a fixer, an itinerary and everything necessary for his filming.

During the expedition, I took with me a timelapse kit, sound kit, a couple of GoPro’s and the necessary to recharge batteries.


During the post-production, I was in charge of logging the rushes, creating the story and I oversaw the edit.


The film was sold to the French TV channel Ushuaia TV and aired in January 2022 during the explorers’ month.


Main equipment: Sony A7S III – GoPro’s – Mavic Pro 2 – Ronin - Sound Kit

Governing Polution
Polar Bear – DisneyNature 
Earth Day 2022


In the summer of 2019, I spent 4 weeks on a boat, in the Arctic, north of Svalbard with a camera team.

I was in charge of the rushes and the DIT work as well as the logistics.


Each day, the team would also rotate to scout polar bear in the distance. Each night, I had a 2-hour shift on my own.

Cry Us a River
Bear Witness – DisneyNature 

Earth Day 2022

Bear Witness is the behind-the-scenes film for Polar Bear. 

I was a location camerawoman for the 6 weeks I was on a boat in the Arctic, north of Svalbard.

I used a variety of camera (hand-held, gopro, gimbals) to make the film as creative and immersive as I could.


Main equipment: Sony PXW X70 – GoPro Hero 4 – Gimbal for GoPro – Sound Kit

Climate Change, Reversed
Seven Worlds – One Planet – Antarctica 

BBC - 2018

In 2017, I spent 6 weeks on a boat for a shoot in Saint Andrews Bay, South Georgia for the Elephant Seal sequence.

I was the focus puller for the fight scene filming on the MoVi Pro and Prime Lenses.

For the drone shots, I assisted the drone pilot.

Back on a boat, I was in charge of downloading and logging the rushes.


Main equipment: Red Camera Helium – Cooke Prime Lenses – RT Motion – MoviPro – Inspire 2

Main DIT equipment: MacBook Pro + ShotPutPro

Penguin – DisneyNature 

Earth Day 2019


I worked for 2 summer seasons in the remote location of Cape Crozier, Antarctica.


The first year, I spent 2 months with Martyn Colbeck.

I was in charge of timelapses and the making of. 

I was also assistant Martyn and downloading all the rushes.


The second year, I spent 4 months in Cape Crozier again. I became of the team leaders and the point of contact for McMurdo station.

I was in charge of logistics before, during and at the end of the shoot. 

Before the shoot, I organized the cargo to be sent to Antarctica from New Zealand. 

On our arrival in McMurdo, I organised everything necessary for the shoot in a remote location.

During the shoot, I was in charge of checking food and fuel stock, daily check-in with McMurdo station, safety on location.


After the shoot, I was in charge of closing camp, equipment re-deployment to McMurdo then back to New Zealand and the UK.


When filming, I was in charge of the Ronin and the timelapses. Back in camp, I was in charge of downloading of rushes.


Main equipment: Red Camera –  Canon Prime lenses  – Ronin - Sony X70 – GoPro’s – Sound Kit - Timelapse Kit 

Seven Worlds – One Planet – Africa

BBC - 2018


In 2017, I spent 4 weeks in Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park filming Gorillas.

I was in charge of filming the behind scenes film.

When I was available, I also work as a second unit camera filming details and additional footage of gorillas.

Back in camp, I was in charge of downloading the rushes.

For this trip, I was also a resource person and the translator between the BBC team, the fixer and the local authorities.


Main equipment: Red Camera Helium – Fujinon 85-300mm lens  – Sony X70 – GoPro’s – Sound Kit

Main DIT equipment: MacBook Pro + ShotPutPro

Wild Alaska Live - 3 episodes – BBC 


Before the Live shows, I worked on 2 stories as a remote camera operator. I was in charge of putting GoPro’s to strategics position for a bear shoot and wild salmon shoot.

I was also in charge of downloading all the rushes.


Just before the Live show, I was a resource person to retrieve and check the equipment to be sent to our remote location. 

I was also in charge of picking up the team and all the logistics that goes with it.


During the Live shows, I was one of the long lens camera operators.

In between Live shows, I was in charge of editing small stories we filmed near camp.


Main equipment: Red Camera – Canon 50-1000mm Lens – GoPro’s cameras

Main DIT equipment: MacBook Pro + ShotPutPro



Tel: +33 (0)
Official Trailer | Disneynature’s Polar Bear | Disney+

Official Trailer | Disneynature’s Polar Bear | Disney+

Every day is an adventure for this mother polar bear and her cubs. Narrated by two-time Academy Award® nominee Catherine Keener (“Capote,” “Being John Malkovich”), Disneynature’s “Polar Bear” tells the story of a new mother whose memories of her own youth prepare her to navigate motherhood in the increasingly challenging world that polar bears face today. Helmed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson, the directing team behind Disneynature’s “Penguins,” and produced by Fothergill, Wilson, Jason Roberts, Keith Scholey and Roy Conli, “Polar Bear” launches exclusively on Disney+ on April 22, 2022. Disneynature also revealed that in honor of the film’s majestic and extraordinarily resilient stars, Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund will continue their longstanding commitment to caring for wildlife and their habitats by supporting Polar Bears International (PBI) in their efforts to help protect polar bear mothers, cubs and their Arctic home. Among a host of activities, PBI is deploying a new aerial radar detection tool to allow aircraft to identify polar bear dens to help protect these sites for polar bear moms and cubs during this crucial period, giving each new cub the best possible start in life. The non-profit organization is also working with Arctic communities to reduce potential human-bear conflicts to keep bears and people safe, as well as efforts to inspire action on climate change globally. “Polar Bears International is an exceptional organization doing exceptional work for both the polar bears and the environment in which they live,” said Roy Conli, who is a producer of “Polar Bear.” “They bring essential awareness to the general populace of what’s going on in the Arctic and the realities polar bears face today, and inspire us all to take action to positively change the future for this species. I’m so proud that we’re working with their incredible team.” “Disneynature’s engaging and beautiful films are known for their ability to tug at the heart and inspire people to care,” said Krista Wright, executive director of Polar Bears International. “We’re thrilled to be working with such a creative team as they tell the story of a polar bear mom as she navigates a changing Arctic. We’re also extremely grateful to Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund for their generous support of our work to protect moms and cubs as well as our other polar bear conservation efforts.” Twitter: @DisneyPlus / @Disneynature Instagram: @DisneyPlus / @Disneynature Facebook: @DisneyPlus / @Disneynature
Seven Worlds One Planet: New Trailer | David Attenborough Series |  BBC Earth

Seven Worlds One Planet: New Trailer | David Attenborough Series | BBC Earth

Seven unique continents, each one full of life. Get ready to take a closer look at our extraordinary planet. #SevenWorldsOnePlanet, with Sir David Attenborough, coming soon. #DavidAttenborough #BBCEarth #Nature Subscribe: Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet Planet Earth II Planet Dinosaur Seven Worlds, One Planet Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating our seven continents – each with its own distinct climate, its own distinct terrain and its own unique animal life. From the colourful paradise of South America to the scorching heat of Africa, Seven Worlds: One Planet showcases the true character of each continent in turn and reveals just how it has shaped all life there. Be surprised by unexpected stories. Marvel at iconic landscapes. And be awestruck by spectacular wildlife. Seven Worlds: One Planet is an eye-opening journey around a world you thought you knew. Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback
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